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Google Play Store And App Store Submission Guidelines: Complete Guide In 2022

Google Play Store And App Store Submission Guidelines: Complete Guide In 2022

Not all mobile applications are installed by the users. Isn’t it? Well, we are sure you can name some of your favorite applications on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

The stores play a prominent role and no one can doubt their dominance in the mobile app world. There are around 2.8 million applications on the Play Store and a few percent get installed on the user's mobile phones (around 3739 applications)

The mobile app statistics for Android or Apple continue to rise and entrepreneurs are building their mobile applications so that it gets popular on the Apple or Android store. You may have to face rejection after the app is submitted. Here is an article that helps you understand the Google Play and Apple Store Guidelines that make the app submission process seamless.

App Store Guidelines to submit your app in 2022

Building an iOS application is a great deal, but after its deployment, you must comply with the guidelines that Apple offers. Businesses must follow all these guidelines so that their mobile application achieves height on the App store. Here are a few categories your mobile application must comply with before you upload your mobile application to the App Store.

Here are the performance guidelines:

  • Ensure you are submitting the final app version. The app must be tested, bug-free, should have no errors, and work seamlessly.

  • When you upload the beta test, submit the regular updates so you ensure the app consistency

  • All the information including the description, goal, privacy, metadata, and goals should be filled in. You must also attach screenshots of how your app looks along with its working.

  • Your application should run on different platforms including the iPad and must be able to run without consuming much battery.

Business Guidelines you must know

  • Explain in detail the business models your app offers along with the in-app purchases in detail

  • Don’t charge any unreasonable prices for the products because Apple would reject such applications.

  • If your app offers purchases, do offer an auto-renewable subscription before embedding it.

  • Ensure to add a confirmation pop-up.

Design Guidelines you must follow

  • Ensure you offer an easy-to-navigate and simple app design to keep it going and functional.

  • Do not copy others' designs, rather introducing your app designs is what Apple prefers more.

  • If your app is copied and is not unique, it might be removed from the App Store.

  • The app will not use Apple services for spam and useless push notifications. These kinds of applications would be removed from the App store.

Safety Guidelines you must follow

  • Avoid introducing any false information that does not have any point.

  • Don’t use offensive content and comments on any religion, race, color, or other elements.

  • Adult and illegal content must be avoided. The app store is very strict when we talk about the policies.

  • There must be an option to block the auto-generated content.


Google Play Store Guidelines to submit your app in 2022

Google’s developer policy center announcement is similar to the Apple guidelines. Most of the guidelines remain the same in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. However, let us see the add-on guidelines that Google adds as compared to Apple’s guidelines.

Well, both Google and Apple Store guidelines remain the same, however, there are a few add-ons you should know. Here are they.

Financial Guidelines

  • Those apps having financial products and services should comply with the strict laws that are described by state or local regulations.

  • Options like binary trade options are not any concern on the Google Play Store. Also, the mining of cryptocurrency should not be there on the Play Store.

  • For submission in Google Play Store, ensure your app offers all the necessary information and documents including the Loan services as well. Google Play Store will remove your app if you are unable to pay the debts.

Gambling Apps Guidelines

  • If your app is in the category of gambling, you must have an approved license from the Gambling Authority.

  • If your app falls in the category of online casino, games, sports, betting, or fantasy sports, Google will license your app.

  • For the other details, you will have to visit the list country-wise. Because some countries allow some things and some do not.


What next after the App Publishing?

1. Promotion is a must

You must promote your application on social media and other popular platforms. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others are a few platforms that help you boost the traffic as well as your app downloads.

2. Start with a Press Release

Let people reach you! Initiate a press release that will help you reach more people, highlight your brand and more. The press release will help make your app more reachable and attracts a wider range of audiences.

3. Ensure App Maintenance and Update

App submission on the Play store does not make a difference unless it is updated and maintained in the right way. Ensure to fix all the bugs on a prior basis only.

4. ASO is a must

ASO includes focusing on the app promotion that boosts your engagement and visibility on the app store. It leads to an enhanced conversion.


Rely on a top-notch App Development Company!

We hope the article provided you with the required information when it comes to publishing the apps on Google Play or App Store. The most crucial aspect is developing mobile applications that fulfill all your user needs and have robust features.

Top-notch mobile app development companies are aware of all these guidelines that help you launch the app successfully without facing any rejection. Contact us for more details!