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Key Challenges Faced By The Health And Fitness Applications In 2021

Key Challenges Faced By The Health And Fitness Applications In 2021

Health and fitness go hand in hand, and the apps are in huge demand today. With the technology evolution, applications became a necessity, especially when the pandemic came into existence. As per research from Statista number of downloads in the healthcare and fitness apps has seen a rise from 1.7 billion to 3.2 billion.

People started to give more importance to health and fitness apps like never before. The research says that there will be around 86.3 million users in 2022 for health and fitness apps in the US only. With the rapid adoption of these services, health and fitness applications are creating a buzz globally.


The applications allow many benefits for both professionals and users. But developing a health care app is a challenging task too. We offer a complete guide about the benefits and challenges faced while developing an app and how to overcome them.

Why should you invest in Healthcare App Development?

Let us look at a few factors that influence the decision why you must invest in a healthcare app development:

1. A productive Management

Health apps help to treat patients efficiently and also maintain their records internally. If the management is not efficient, it adversely affects the services. To streamline the operations & manage all such problems, investing in healthcare mobile app development is the key. It helps to set a clear goal and maintain all their records.

2. Helps reduce Diagnostic errors

Finding the root cause of the health issue needs a significant reanalyzing. The errors can be complex, and the patient might face multifaceted issues. Therefore, a medical diagnosis application helps doctors and reduces diagnostic error. The applications would help you understand the illness as the patient has, offer treatment, and offer diagnosis accordingly.

3. Offers convenient payment method

It is another critical reason that you must invest in healthcare mobile app development services. The app offers inbuilt payment gateways that quickly helps the users to make payment online via the application. Going cashless is the new norm, and with such applications, you can stick to that.

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Types of Healthcare Applications Available

1. Hospital App

The hospital app offers the medical staff clear and secure conditions that improve communication and workflow. The application streamlines the process, makes the staff scheduling better, time-saving on hectic administrative tasks, and reduces errors.

2. Telehealth

These healthcare applications allow the user and patients to get a consultation over a video call or chat without having to visit the doctor. These applications gained more popularity during the pandemic as people could not go to the hospitals. Telehealth services offer more convenience to the users, are cheaper, and help with a work-life balance. Statista reports say that the digital health market is expected to rise around six times by 2025 to 504.4 billion US dollars.

3. Daily Health App

These mobile applications help to track your daily activities along with nutrition and sleep to keep you relaxed. 

The apps have different categories. A few of them are mindfulness applications, sleep, nutrition, and other activities. 

The applications help you take care of your bodies, mind and set them free. With all these things in place, the user can live a healthy life.

4. Medical Software

These applications focus more on complicated tasks. Identify the patients and maintain the records, the clinical notes, filing demographics, and more features included in these applications. A perfect application certainly helps to optimize the operations and make the tasks less challenging.

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Top challenges faced by Health and Fitness Apps

Healthcare app development is a complex process, and there are many challenges associated with it. Here are all the challenges one faces during the development of such apps:

1. Data Security and Protection of Privacy

The security of patient data is critical and is one of the essential matters. Protecting patient data from being disclosed and setting up the right security standards is a challenging task. The data is stored in the cloud so that it is secure.

Privacy regarding intellectual data in the application ensures the data is not been shared without the consent of the patient. 

2. Handling the market trends

Every year, with the changes in technology, the market trend changes too in the healthcare industry. With this continuous evolution and changes, there are a variety of new devices introduced, new technologies, ideas, and compliance. 

Integrate the latest trends and solutions during the app development. Therefore, dealing with these changes has become another challenging task in healthcare app development. 

For example, Deep Learning machines are a few most watched trends in the healthcare industry while the companies are adopting them to bring a change in the industry. Therefore, the app development companies need to stay updated with the latest trends and maintain obedience to stay ahead.

3. Implementation and Integration Complexity

Although everyone now owns a smartphone and other mobile devices, app complexity and implementation remain a crucial challenge. Mobile health apps are difficult to integrate with the existing system. Therefore, developers must be able to deploy simple and ease of use applications. 

4. Integration of Hardware and Wearables

Integrating the fitness applications with various wearable devices and hardware helps to gain a lot of traction and get you the desired results. The trend of fitness tracking applications nowadays has seen a huge rise, and meeting the user’s expectations is a must. The wearables have a set of APIs and SDKs that help third-party app developers to integrate them into the application. 


In this blog, we have covered some top challenges faced during fitness app development. We hope these will make the fundamentals clear to you and help you in tracking your app development. 

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