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A Guide To Developing An Advanced News Application

A Guide To Developing An Advanced News Application

Do you still remember the days you used to wait for the newspapers every morning? It was almost a daily routine of every individual, but the trend has now changed. With the advent of News applications, there is a crucial setback to the newspapers. With the digital controlling the world, these apps are the key that covers all the headlines and allows you to find out what's happening around the world. 

As users want to access information immediately, the apps have become increasingly important for users. An average user continues to spend more than 2 hours on their smartphones while checking for the daily updates rather than buying the newspapers. 

In this article, we have covered all the necessary information you need to develop a News application, how to begin with the practices, and get the best results. 

Market Insights and Trends of a News Mobile App 

As we are clear with the importance of the applications in our day-to-day lives, let us dig deeper and combine some stats to explain to you the market insights. 

  • As per a Pew Research Center, there is a fall in the newspaper circulation in the United States. And also there has been a drop of 10% on the weekday.
  • It was around 3971 million in 2008 and got declined by 2718 in the year 2016. 
  • As per a report from Statista, the retail sale turnover in the UK has significantly gone down.
  • News apps and social media took over the newspaper while converting the reader to global audiences.


The Different Types of News Apps

There are two types of News applications, they are:

1. News Aggregator Apps

Under this category, all the local, global and international areas/news are getting covered. The category is widely popular among the users as it offers them the opportunity. This category is very popular among the users as they can stay updated with the news whenever they want. It gives all detailed information about the latest news, crimes, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. 

2. News Based Mobile Apps

These mobile apps are for the news resources, and they would benefit people who own newspapers & web media. These applications are most beneficial for the owners of the newspaper and web media. You can develop an app version that boosts the number of readers across the globe.

Why should you develop a News Application?

Whether you are developing an aggregator app or a news-based mobile application, there are several benefits of developing the app. The essential benefits include:

1. Seamless user experience

With the mobile applicationyou can offer the best user experience to the users. Your data can be got used for personalization. It helps to enable notifications, also offers a newsletter that will help in user retention. The app data offers ease and makes it easier for them to understand their customers while using insights. With these benefits offered, there is an improved and satisfying user engagement.

2. User Attraction

Nowadays, rather than going for physical magazines and newspapers, users are much attracted to News applications. With the applications in place, the users can communicate and give suggestions/feedback if needed. It also improves the likeability of your app.

3. Better Reach

With little effort, you can now reach more customers, and your content distribution is easier. Notify all the app users effortlessly with a single tap on the mobile screens. 

4. Personalization

It allows the users to serve personalized content to users as their like and behavior. App owners can choose to serve content as per the preference of the user.

Monetization strategies of a News Application 

There must be robust strategies that help you earn money and boost up the revenues. Here are the most popular monetization models of the news apps:

1. Advertisement

Advertising is one of the most crucial and popular models among news apps. It is quite different from the print newspaper. You can advertise third-party content in different formats that you can display on the app screens constantly. 

2. Paid Subscription

It is one of the most common app monetization strategies. There are plenty of users who do not find the idea of paying for the news great. Therefore, you get two different versions of the app, one free and the other paid. For more advanced features and an ad-free experience, users can subscribe to the paid version of the app.  

3. Organizing Events

When the response to the application is good from their potential audiences, this is the most effective monetization model. The app owner organizes events and advertises the app on these platforms.

The Top Names in the Market 

1. The New York Times

2. Feedly

3. Newsy

4. News360

5. CNN

6. BBC News

7. Twitter

8. Reddit

Must-Have Features in the News App

Let us discuss and find out the essential features that your new application must have:

1. Log-in or Registration

The news application allows users to register and log in quickly via emails or mobile phones. 

Users can also use social media platforms that allow them the ease to use the app.

2. User Profile

Once the users sign in, they have to create their profile by filling out all the necessary details. 

3. Push Notification

Push notifications allow having increased customer retention as the user stays updated with all the information and offers on time.

4. Advanced Filters

It allows the users to filter and segregate the different sections of the news they are interested to view. It can be sports, business, entertainment, international or other options. The user can apply the search filter and get the updates. 

5. Night Mode

It is another most liked feature by the users. It allows them to read out the news night mode without squinting their eyes. 

6. Constant News Update

The app should be able to update the news constantly whenever something happens. The admin should continuously update the users about the latest happenings in the world. 

7. Smartwatch Integration

It allows people to read out the news on their smartphones only. In the tech-savvy world where everyone prefers the use of smartphones and other smart devices, you should integrate this feature.

8. Audio & Video Integration

Users should be able to convert the news into the audio format and listen to it. You can introduce video integration, as often users prefer to watch the news in video format.

9. Social Media Sharing

With this functionality integrated, the users can share news articles with a single tap on their devices.

10. Loyalty Program Integration

It allows the customers to earn rewards and many other benefits with the multiple deals offered.

The Cost Estimate for News App

The cost of developing a News application depends on several factors. Here they are:

1. Number of platforms

The cost of developing an app depends on the platform you choose for the development. Android and iOS are the two main platforms. Android is somewhat more expensive than iOS as it has to test on many devices. 

2UI/UX Design

The app should have a simple UI that can easily appeal to the customers and brings them more retention. 

3. Location/Hourly Rates

These are the other crucial factors that decide the cost of app development.

4. Complexity of App/ Features

Integrating basic features is a cost-efficient solution, whereas, with the advanced features, you have to make a higher payment. 

The app complexity depends on the features you integrate.


Whatever happens around the world, the app keeps you updated in real-time. It is time that you should look forward to developing a new application. If you are all set to initiate business in this venture, our skilled developers at ToXSL are ready for the help. Talk to us and get all the information!


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