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Things You Need To Know Before Creating A On-demand House Cleaning App

Things You Need To Know Before Creating A On-demand House Cleaning App

Handling the day-to-day home chores has never been an easy task when you are a working professional. Everyone is occupied with tons of work and therefore no more energy left for performing the household tasks. It becomes difficult for people to find trustworthy candidates to appoint to look after these tasks. House cleaning applications make their way into the lives of people and make it simpler.

These applications are a life savior for the people who are unable to perform their household tasks. They provide door-to-door service to the users. The applications are becoming highly popular as it allows people to hire someone according to their comfort and time zone.

There is already a lot of competition, and many applications are there for house cleaning services. So, if you have already run a house cleaning service and want to launch an application, you must offer a competitive edge. The app is a must to attract more and more customers and boost sales. Want to discover how to develop a house cleaning application? The blog offers the complete guide!

Why you should invest in an Uber for Maids

We know the on-demand house cleaning applications are already gaining high momentum. Now let us discuss some of the most curious facts and statistics that depicts the same:

  • As per research, more than 3 million people in the United States work in the house cleaning industry.
  • The revenue of the house cleaning market will reach $1,200 billion by the end of 2026.
  • As per research from Harvard Business, more than 22.4 million consumers are using these services annually.
  • Millennials, working couples, couples with kids, and oldster people are among the top list which avail these services.
  • House cleaning demand is mainly in the commercial sector, followed by the Industrial and then the residential.

How to develop a Perfect House Cleaning App?

To develop a perfect on-demand house cleaning app like Handy, you need to consider and focus on the crucial factors are mentioned below:

1. A Detailed Market Research

It is the very first step towards your app development project. You must have detailed market research that allows you to get the information about all the details. It includes market status, the competitors, strategies you need to focus on, and the best approach. 

Check out your competitors and all the unique features that can give a successful boost to your project.

2. Create a Roadmap

Creating a roadmap is yet another essential feature that gives you a clear idea about what you will do next, how your on-demand service app has to look, the number of features you want in your app, etc.

3. Design and Development

For the design and development, you must hire an efficient and expertise that understands your project requirements and follow all the instructions given by the client. 

Set up your budget, discuss your requirements and interview the company to whom you outsource your project.

Business Models for an On-Demand House-cleaning Application 

There are three business models and are listed below:

1. Curating Model

In this business model, the app has a list of all local service providers in the nearby area. The platform allows the service providers to list them under the category they want. The user can book the services based on their needs, the profile of the service provider, and reviews given by other users.

2. On-Demand Model 

It is for the reputed professionals, and they can give a boost to their business this way. It helps them to enhance the overall experience of the customers and perfect customer service. It boosts the growth of their business and manages their service requests.

3. Online Market Place 

This business model allows the service providers to connect with their customers and offer them experienced services. The customers can hire the cleaners based on ratings, fees, and more.

Basic Features Of the On-demand House Cleaning App

The on-demand cleaning service must offer the best and unique features for the customers. Here is the overview of all the features of an house cleaning app:

1. Online Consultation

With this feature, the users can communicate directly with the cleaners and service providers for efficient and quick services. It helps to understand better the requirement of users and offer them the personalized services.

2. Subscriptions

The user can avail of subscription models that may be weekly, monthly, or annually. It also allows the users to avail of additional services after purchasing subscriptions provided by the service providers.

3. Multiple Languages:

It allows the service provider to reach more people efficiently. It offers them a feeling of personalization. The service provider can use this feature to connect with users who are not well aware of the primary language.

4. Navigation

It allows your app to be user-friendly. To reach the location of the user and this is the essential feature. 

5. Offers, Discounts, and Promotions:

The primary objective of providing offers, discounts, and promotions is to increase user retention with your business through the app.

6. Online Billing and Invoice

When the user avails of the service, the particular service price display on the billing menu.

7. GPS Tracking

While developing an on-demand house cleaning app, embedding a GPS to track the real-time route of the service provider will help the user.

Structure of the On-demand House Cleaning App

Usually, this type of mobile app has three user interfaces:

Admin Panel

1. Schedule Management:

The admin manages all the scheduled bookings, cleaners, and user registration.

2. Customer Service

The admin can communicate with the users and identify all the problems they face.

3. Dashboard 

The admin manages the dashboard and checks for the analytics and data display on the dashboard. It includes apps usability, types of services purchased, and more.

4. Managing Service Providers/Users:

The admin manages all the service providers and users using the app.

5. Managing Prices

The admin manages all services and prices. They can even offer coupons and discounts for their loyal customers.

6. Transactions

Admin manages all the transactions. The admin generates receipts for the services availed by users, sends them to the user.

7. Cleaner’s Payment

Once the admin receives the payment from the user, they can transfer it to the cleaner individually.

User Panel

1. Registration/Sign Up:

It allows the users to sign in by filling out all the details such as email and contact number. The users can also log in via their social networks.

2. Advanced Filters

The users can search for all the services via advanced search and filters and pick whatever service they want without any hassle. 

3. Notifications:

Users receive all the notifications associated with their payments, promotions, discounts, and more.

4. Review Bookings:

Users can see all the details regarding their bookings.

5. Cancellation:

Users can cancel the booking at any time.

6. Secured Payment Methods:

The payment method is secure and in-built as net banking, credit/debit card, wallets, etc.

Service Provider Panel

1. Register/Sign Up:

Cleaners can register via email or their social accounts.

2. Profile:

Cleaners can manage their profiles with all the essential details, achievements, and other things for creating a mesmerizing profile.

3. Accept/Decline request:

As per the schedule, and cleaner can accept or decline a user’s request.

4. Order Request:

Cleaners can manage requests according to their time slots and schedule.

5. Payment Receipt:

The cleaners should be able to monitor all their completed and pending transactions.

6. Reviews and Ratings

Ratings and reviews help cleaners to improve their services as required.

7. Booking notifications: 

Cleaners receive notifications for order confirmation or payment once done.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, the price of the application can not be said as there is no universal list for the same. Each project has different requirements, and therefore the price could not be told. 

The most crucial factors that will decide your home cleaning service app’s cost are - the design, features, operation platform, and app development cost. 

According to the statistics, India is a reasonable country for developing a proficient On-demand cleaning mobile app at the price of $80 per hour.


Almost every busy professional requires on-demand house cleaning services. Why not is the game-changer by launching your house cleaning services platform?

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