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Interior Design Apps That Makes The Renovation Easy For You

Interior Design Apps That Makes The Renovation Easy For You

Are you planning for your room renovation? What are your thoughts about your room decor, kitchen, lighting, space, dining area, and other fascinating home decor stuff? The future of interior design is continuously rising and changing every year. The intuitive design and a peaceful decor are a passion for people. And they are hiring interior designers for an alluring property. It helps people to get over all the worries and is a great help with the entire process.

When it comes to home decor, people might get confused. It might lead to the mismatching of the interiors. The current pandemic scenario makes it difficult for people to hire interior designers, and therefore the applications are the primary help. Also, everyone can not afford and hire a professional designer, and developing mobile apps can be a great help.

If you are an entrepreneur and unaware of the app idea or have any other queries related, here, we have compiled all the information, including the benefits, cost, features, and a lot more.

The Market Value for the Interior Apps 

As per a report by Globes New Wire, the interior design app market was USD 3829 million in 2019 and will reach USD 6433.9 million by the year 2025.

  • The market is growing at CAGR 7.4% during 2020-2025, especially in the residential sector
  • With the increased development of infrastructure, there is a higher need for better interior design and decoration
  • AR/VR in interior design solutions is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period.


Benefits of Developing an Interior Design App

Virtual interior apps have become a savior during the pandemic. It offers a lot of benefits to the users, and a few of them are:

1. Saves the Traditional Designer Charges

An experienced traditional driver would charge you around $5,000. But with the app development solutions, you do not have to pay a hefty amount to the designers. They are comparatively cost-effective, and there are different packages offered for services and fees that are cheaper and within your budget.

2. Design Your Home as Per Your Wish

The time taken by the traditional methods was a lot more, and there may be a delay in your work, that might be because of your busy schedule or the interior designer. It requires an appointment with the designer at times missing the same and more delay in the work.

But the online applications allow the users to work as per your convenience and avail the services whenever they are free. It makes communication easy and more seamless.

3. Experiment with Layouts and Styles

With the traditional methods, while using different layouts, there may be various errors that could be expensive. On the other hand, the application has dragged and drop options, and there are no chances of errors at all.

Features you need to include in your Interior Design App

1. Social Signup/Login

It allows the users to create a profile by using their social media or email IDs. The sign-up should be simple enough, and the users should get a personalized experience. 

2. Idea Allotment 

It is a must feature for interior design applications that allow your families and friends to give suggestions and share their ideas. They can create a store of their own where the interior designer and the client can discuss and solve all the challenges. 

3. Find Professional

This functionality in the app enables the users to get in touch with a professional home designer, architectures, either online or physically.

4. Shop feature

It is another helpful feature that makes your app compatible with various other platforms. With this feature, the users can shop for desired products themselves, and there is no hassle as they do not have to browse other websites to shop for decoration pieces.

5. View Gallery

The virtual-cum-real images of designs and décor can add appeal to the app, as it allows the audience to view the gallery of products easily. They should be able to shortlist their favorite products or items and choose to shop for them later.

6. Ideabooks

It is one of the essential features and offered by a few interior app design applications. With the integration of this feature, the professionals can post stories, suggestions, and solutions and save them on the app.

7. Upload Pictures

Well, the interior design is all about high-quality resolution images. It should be easier for the users to upload the necessary images to the application. However, the app must ensure when you integrate the functionality, the pictures have a good resolution, and the feature should not be compromised.

8. Ratings & Reviews

It is the favorite feature of the users that allows them to share their ratings and reviews based on the experience they had with the interior designer. 

It helps other users find out how the designer works, and they know how to improve their services in the future based on the user's complaints.

9. Push Notifications 

It is one of the most outstanding features, and with this, the users can get instant alerts and updates that encourage their engagement with the application and, of course, in customer retention.

Few Popular Names in the Market 

1. Ikea Store

IKEA is a popular store with a broad collection of basic stuff and furniture priced reasonably. It has stores all across the world, and its app is more like an extension of its physical stores.

2. Houzz

It is one of the most popular home design apps that enjoys many people for its astonishing design. There are tons of brilliant features such as product reviews, a vast collection of products, and a lot more.


The platform is similar to Amazon and has different tools, supplies, and more products for sale.

Monetization Strategies for Interior Design Apps

When it comes to app development, monetization is what plays a crucial role. Different ways allow you to earn via the application. Let us discuss them all:

1. Promoting Revenue

It is a monetization strategy that allows app owners to charge outsiders. The third parties can here get a space where they can promote their products and services. For this, they have to pay a certain commission to the app owner.    

2. Subscription Revenue

 In this monetization model, the users can avail the of subscription plans where they can receive extra benefits for annual membership expenses.

3. Exchange fee

This model allows the sellers to list their offerings in the marketplace, and the app owner can charge a commission from them.

Cost to develop Interior Design Mobile App

Well, determining the cost of the app is a tricky process, but there are a lot of factors that affect the cost of an interior design application, and that includes:

  • App Development Team
  • App Development Platform
  • App Design (UI/UX)
  • Features and Functionalities

As it comes to the estimated development expense of an Interior Design app, with general features and for a single platform, it costs around $25,000. And when an app developed with advanced features costs double around $40,000-$50,000. 


The blog has offered all the information with the possible features that you must have in your interior design app. It brings an excellent opportunity for businesses and designers to stand out in the competitive market.

At ToXSL, together, we can come up with great ideas for your interior design apps that can be effective. So why are you waiting? Schedule a meeting now.