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Take Your Business to the Next Level with an On-demand Plumber Application

Take Your Business to the Next Level with an On-demand Plumber Application

With the advent of on-demand services, the customers want more convenience. Whether it is food, medicine, grocery, or plumbing services businesses are offering services to the customers to achieve an optimum level of success. Plumbing service is one such industry that has seen a huge digital transformation.

Whether it is a leaking drain, chokes, or jet-related issues in your home, the need for a plumber is not going to end any time. As the customers are bound to face such emergency issues the on-demand plumbing application is becoming the need of the hour, which can help in the growth of your business respectively.

These applications are becoming a buzzword today. Whether you are an independent plumber or having a plumbing service business the on-demand apps help to attain flexibility and scalability for your business.

Let us discuss further in-depth the need for a plumber app and how much would it cost to develop such an application.


Why does your business need an on-demand Plumber App?

1. Increases Business Stability

The on-demand plumbing app does not require any kind of set-up or inventory stock to be managed. With the on-demand application, you can connect with many plumbers in your locality or around, which means an increased customer base for all those who are actively looking for plumbing services.

2. Enhance your performance efficiency

As the on-demand application simplifies the entire process, it allows the customer experience to be enhanced. It also frees up your employee from the crucial task of searching the customers around.

3. Reach out to customers efficiently

With the plumbing application, you can allow your users to get on-demand plumber app services as per their needs and preference. It saves a lot of your time and lets you reach your customers instantly.

4. Competitive Edge

It offers you an advantage over your competitors as you take your services online. As you can reach more customers and there is an increase in ROI as well.


How does the App Works?


Once the user downloads the application, they can report their plumbing issue via the application. The user can choose the category of the issue type. You can share the preferred date and time as per your requirement. As all the details are filled the plumbers in the nearby location are sorted. You can choose the expert you think have the required capability to perform the job based on review and ratings.

The price of a plumber is displayed and the user finds it suitable they can schedule and fix an appointment with the plumber to fix the issue soon. Once you confirm the booking, the plumber reaches out to your location and fixes the issue.


On-Demand Plumber App Features: For Customer, Plumbers, Admin


On-Demand Plumber App for Customers

Signup/Login: This is the first step where the users need to register via email id and selecting a password. The user should also be able to log in via social media accounts.

Notifications: Once the customer hires a professional, they should receive a notification through email or text message alert.

Book and Schedule: This feature allows the users to book and schedule the plumber for a date and time as per their preference.

Check Plumber Profile: Here the customers can check out the details of the professional's plumbers with their names, age, experience, review/ratings, and more.

View History: customers can see the previously availed services with the data, cost, time, professional details, etc.

Review and Ratings: Customers can rate their overall experience as per the service offered by the plumber.

Integrated Payment: Customers should be able to make the payment digitally via the online payment gateways.


On-Demand Plumber App for Plumbers

Signup: Plumbers can register with email ID and contact details.

Profile Creation: Here the plumber can add all the necessary information like address, profile image, experience, and more to create an attractive profile.

Accept/Reject User Request: The plumber can accept/reject the request of a user based on their availability, location, and other details.

Check Availability: This allows a professional to mark availability so that customers can see the same.

View Earnings: A professional plumber can view the payment transactions and balance after the completion of service.

Help and Support: Professionals can connect with a support team if there is any help needed.


Admin Panel of the On-Demand Plumber App

Manage Bookings: The admin manages the entire booking system.

Manage Customers and Plumbers: It allows the admin to manage the availability of plumbers, booking of customers, and more.

Manage Notifications: It shares alerts on the booking confirmation, service requests, promotional offers, and more.

Track Professionals: The admin can track professional plumbers for post-service requirements and requests. 


What makes your App stand Tall from the Rest?

1. Don’t overload it

Always begin with integrating the essential features first. Focus on providing the best features in your plumbing application on time. With time, you can add other features as well. Here is an example of Zomato, which begin the sole purpose of offering on-demand food services to the users, once it gained popularity it added other features such as Gold, delivery within the given time, and much more.

It's vital to understand to start with a focus and after making a name in the market you can focus on adding other extra features in the further development stage.

2. Know your target audience

Your plumbing application should know its target audience. These on-demand plumbing services should be appealing for the users looking for such services that include leaks, fitting tiles, chocking drains, washroom installations, and more.

3. Should be Easy to use and fast

The users should be able to use the app instantly because if the application takes a longer loading time, the user might get frustrated, and you will end up losing your potential clients. The user would never recommend your app to other users. Therefore, it becomes incredibly important for businesses to offer apps with a faster response time and ease to use.


Business models in the on-demand plumber service app market:

1. Standalone business of a plumber

This is vital for the established plumbers in the city. This way the plumbers can take their business to the next level. All those customers who are looking for plumbing services can book the appointment of a plumber on the application. The app offers an inbuilt calendar feature that reminds the plumber of their schedule. All the reviews and comments posted by the previous customers are shown openly to customers so that they know what kind of service is offered by them. The plumber knows every service request placed by the user, and they can accept/reject it based on their preference.

2. Plumbers under one roof

This type of business model is called the entrepreneur model as it is becoming quite popular among entrepreneurs. Here the people can choose their preferred plumber as per the list in the application. It displays the rating and reviews of the plumbers so that the customers can choose over a wide range of plumbers. With this application the plumbers get more customers and entrepreneurs to charge a fee as a commission. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.


How much does one need to invest for an on-demand Plumber App?

The cost of an on-demand plumber application development depends on various factors. As in the application development procedure, to summarize there are three main sections- customer application, service provider application and the administrator application, each of the factors has a separate cost subject to the features and functions one wants to include. A few of the factors include:

1. App Development Time: It refers to the number of hours the developer, designer, tester, business analyst gives in developing the app.

2. Cost of Integration: It refers to the integration of advanced and extra features such as user/customer app, plumber app, and admin panel of the app owner.

3. Other Factors: Other important factors include technology, specific requirements, resources utilized, and many other things.

There is no denying that the online plumber applications are now the talk of the town, and it's vital for the businesses to be on the top. Whether you own a commercial or residential property the plumber app can be the need anytime and anywhere. Therefore, building an effective, functional, and flawless application is critical to delivering an exceptional experience to the customers.

At ToXSL, we offer such services that help you to develop an on-demand plumber application based on the structure and the need of your business. Get in touch with us for quality support!