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Understanding the Functionalities and Features of Taxi Booking Apps

Understanding the Functionalities and Features of Taxi Booking Apps

In the past times, there were a lot of travelling issues faced by the people, but with the advent of technology there is a drastic shift in consumer need that values convenience, Taxi booking App is a perfect solution through which people can hire a taxi where and whenever needed!

Taxi app development is one such service which saves your time & cost by providing you user-friendly solutions in your mobile phones. The business makes great sense as it frees people from driving their vehicle in the exhausting traffic.

Statista predicts that by 2025, the annual growth of the global market for ride-hailing services will reach $126,521 million. The concept of Taxi Booking eased the daily commute of the users while allowing them to book the cab with a single tap.

These apps are getting popular, let us quickly understand the business and get a complete guide all the way through so that you know the required ins and outs.

Why Developing an App for Taxi Business is a Good Choice?

There are many benefits offered to your company if you are looking forward to investing in a Taxi Booking App Development Services. Let us discuss a few of the details:

1. Gives You Wider Opportunity

The transportation industry has already taken a new shape. The Taxi app offer a great opportunity for the service providers to operate their business and services via mobile applications. With the advent of search engines and on-demand apps, people turn out for your services. Thus offering wider growth and opportunities for your business.

2. Real-Time Updates and Transparency

One of the greatest advantages it offers is that are no chances of miscommunication. When your booking services operate via the on-demand app you get real-time updates regarding cab availability. Also, the drivers have complete control of whether to accept or decline the ride offer in real-time.

3. Business is Automated

The on-demand business can automate the whole process and eliminate the dependency of business on their phone operators. The need for human interaction is reduced from the entire process, which also reduces the administration cost and increases the business profitability.

4. Better Value Proposition 

When you hire expert developers to create an application you offer a better user experience and interface to the customers, that help to emphasize a better value propositions.

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How does a Taxi Booking App like Uber works?

The Taxi Booking apps like Uber have made a revolutionary change in the market of Taxi services. The flow includes the following steps:

1. Request Service

The user opens the app, enters the departure and arrival address along with the payment method.

When the driver receives the request from a user, they can check the  real-time location of the car. In case the driver rejects the request it would further be allocated to the nearby driver and so on.

2. Take a Ride

You would be able to check in real-time where the car is going. When the user sits in the car, the driver starts the ride on the app.

3. Payment

The users can link their debit/credit cards to the application. The passenger knows the cost of the ride before booking the cab and the amount gets deducted once the ride is finished.

4. Review and Ratings

Users and drivers can leave their reviews in the application. It gives an impression about the driver, and they are more alert before taking their next ride.


Must-have features for both Driver and Passenger Apps

1. Easy registration

 The app should offer quick and easy registration via email/password login functionality. There should be an option to sign-in via social media as well. It is the foremost screen a user gets when the app is downloaded. Therefore, it should be simple for the users to improve customer retention.

2. Create Profile

The users and drivers should be able to make changes, modify their profiles by adding their names, phone numbers, email addresses, clear picture, Vehicle numbers (for the driver). The driver and user should be able to visit one another’s profile so that they can identify each other at the pickup location. This gives the user a sense of security!

3. Matching

The feature allows the users to connect to the nearest driver available. It considers several factors such as the location of the user, the driver's previous drop-off, car model, status, and much more. 

4. Navigation

With this feature, the user and driver can identify their current locations while tracking the movements of their car, the cost of the ride, and the estimated time of arrival. All these data sets are sent to the server for further processing and broadcasting to other users in that particular area.

5. Notification

Taxi applications use options such as SMS, push notifications, and e-mail. It allows the user to stay updated with the latest features, coupons, and discounts in the application if there are any.

6. Chat and Call Option 

The driver and user can communicate with each other via call/chat options while taking care of their privacy. There is an integrated chat option that works usually like other normal messengers without sharing any personal details.

Also, there is a calling option within the application, here the system generates a random number and allows them to call each other.

7. Displaying cost of the ride

The driver and the user are updated with the estimated cost of the ride. The actual fare may vary depending on the server and may depend on factors like pick up, drop, traffic, car type, and more.

8. Payment

The app should be securely able to accept the payments made via the application. As the payments are cashless, it is withdrawn automatically via the payment gateway. 

9. Booking History

Both the driver and passenger should be able to view the detailed preview of their previous trip along with the cost, time, car model, drop-off location, etc.

10. Booking Cancellation

Both Driver and User should be allowed to cancel the ride and a cancellation fee is generally charged.

Features for Passenger App

  • The passenger should be able to track the nearby drivers available at that time.

  • They should be able to set the pickup location without having to enter it manually.

  • User should be able to see the relevant information such as Driver’s name, Car number, Car model, their location in real-time, and ETA.

  • They should be notified once the Taxi arrives at the place.

  • Should be able to select the vehicle model as per their preference.

  • Favorite addresses for convenient future bookings


Features for Driver App

  • Location of the user on the map.

  • Relevant information about the user 

  • Should be able to accept or reject user request based on preference

  • Can go to offline mode when not working

  • Advanced route optimization 


Best Examples that Taxi App Developers Should Consider



How does Uber make money?

Bored with the technical part and the features you need to integrate? Let us move to revenue generation. But how can you generate income from your application?

The Taxi Booking Application allows the users to earn via two revenue streams. Here they are:

  • Commissions from users 
    The earning of the driver is shared with the app owner, approximately 20% of the commission is given per ride. Also, if the user cancels the ride they are charged with the additional fee that goes to the app owner.
  • Ads and promotions
    Promoting other brands or services on your application offers a great way of earning. You will get money with a cost-per-click or similar model.
    Collaboration with famous brands offers a great source of earning!


How to get started?

If you are a Taxi company and looking to enhance your business with the Taxi App Development Services, do check out our portfolio for the same. We offer fully customized and branded solutions that are competent enough to carry out your project successfully.

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