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The Ultimate Guide to Developing an On-demand Salon Booking Application

The Ultimate Guide to Developing an On-demand Salon Booking Application

The beauty sector is one of the booming trends and has seen a lot of growth in recent years. Everyone is concerned about their looks, personality, therefore several people are coming up with the salon and spa business nowadays. Health and beauty is a steady business, that remained unaffected even during the time of economic recession.

There is too much competition in the market, and the question arises- How can you stand out exceptionally from your competitors? The answer is probably with the salon booking app development you can have a competitive edge. 

As per a report from Gartner, 20% of the consumer base contributes to 80% of the future salon business, proving that customer retention is crucial for the growth of your business. So, once have a dedicated application for your salon business you can unlock the potential of customer retention.

If you are looking to scale up your business, you are surely at the right place. Let's discuss further in detail why one must invest in a beauty/wellness application and what are the latest features.

Why Invest in Beauty Services Mobile Applications?

It grows at an exponential rate, and the competitors are always looking for better alternatives to offer the best services for their customers. 

  • As per a report from Statista, the revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market amounts to US $511,401M in 2021. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.75% (CAGR 2021-2025).

  • Currently, the industry is worth $532 billion and is estimated to reach $716.6 billion by 2025.

  • Out of the 1.2 million professionals, including stylists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists in the US, approximately 70% started marketing themselves through mobile applications.

Benefits Of On-demand Beauty Services App

As we have already seen above the scope of on-demand beauty applications for different occasions and daily needs. With the busy schedules of the users, they feel irritated or bored sitting at the salon lounge and waiting for hours. Not only this, but the application offers several other benefits which are listed below:

1. Showcase Services Globally

Any beauty salon would require publicity of their salon, its existence so that the customers know about their salon and the services they offer. With the on-demand apps, the salon owners can list their services in dedicated apps while promoting them to their existing users. 

It gives an idea to the app owner about the trends or queries they get the most and work on them to enhance their services. Also depending on the app downloads and demography, the salons can plan for extension in the specified area.

2. Personalization for Customers

Customers get high-class treatment from the comfort of the place where you are. Customers can add their reviews, testimonials, feedback that offers personalization for other app users and in the competitive world allows you to get better services.

3. Push Notifications

An app offers the best way to ensure that your services reach a wider audience and convey about your beauty services. The push notification option in the application allows customers to know about discounts, offers, new services, and more. Beauty on-demand services app not only improves customer traffic by using it but also takes your brand to the next level.


Types of Business Model for On-demand Beauty Service Application 

1. Dedicated Beauty Service App

Dedicated apps are the ones that are created by renowned or famed beauty brands that help to expand their businesses in the local markets. It allows the app owners to aware of the potential clients about their services while enhancing their brand visibility. Whenever a booking is made on the application, the admin can allocate a professional to perform the required service.

2. Aggregator Beauty Service App

Aggregator application brings all the beauticians, freelancers, hairdressers, and other beauty service providers under a single roof. So, anyone looking for a specific service can partner with the beauty salon and service provider in your area. 

The app owner can generate revenue by offering a commission/fee on every transaction performed.

Popular Apps in the Market 



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Here are the Monetization Opportunities

1. Featured Listing

You can list all your popular services for the aggregator app in the topmost section. You can advertise them separately to grab the user’s attention. The owner of the app can charge a specific amount of fees, and service providers get the maximum benefits from these options.

2. e-Commerce Enablement

If the app owner wants to set a parallel revenue stream, they can add an online beauty store within their application. Users can check out the store, along with the services, can also purchase beauty and wellness products directly from the application without any hassle.

The app owner not only gets paid for the services offered, but also for the products they sell on their website.

3. Ads Selling

The PPC ads are in a huge trend. If you have good traffic on your website the owner can get paid for adding these campaigns within their apps. The owner can charge a particular amount from the advertising industry for the same!


General Features in an On-Demand Beauty Service App


User Panel


1. View all Services

The user should be able to view all the services that are offered by the salon.

2. Schedule Services

The user should be able to schedule an appointment as per their preferred date and time.

3. View all Packages

In the application, there should be a dedicated section for the packages, listing all the services that a package offers.

4. Book Appointment 

When the user has selected the services within the application, they should be able to move to the screen where they can book an appointment as per their chosen schedule.

5. In-App Payment Integration

It gives the users ease of payment for their services in advance. It should also offer the users an option to make digital payments once they have used the services.

6. Reviews and Ratings

The power of reviews/ratings holds a real value in the life of customers. The consumer should better take advantage of this service that offers feedback and recommendations on the services the salon has offered.

7. Booking History

With this feature, the users could check out their previous bookings with ease so that they can choose or view the previous services again if they prefer.

8. Contact with Salon

It should provide users with the possibility of calling and messaging beauty service providers to ask about their deals.


Beauty Experts - Owner Panel 


1. View Bookings

This is the most crucial feature that allows the salon owner to check the various bookings they have received on the application.

2. Manage their Calendar

This makes the owners of the beauty salon more organized. They can schedule the appointments on the dates/day they are free so that there is no overlapping.

3. Accept or Reject User Request

With this feature, the beauty experts can approve, re-schedule, and refuse the appointment if busy in real-time.

4. Manage services offered

This functionality allows them to manage, update the services if there are any additions and changes.

5. Add List of Prices and Service

Once the services are finalized, they can add a particular amount for the particular service that would be displayed on the screen to the users.

6. Get Payments

This feature allows the beauty experts that help them collect money and invoice.

7. Service History

The beauty experts or owners will note the services they have given to the customers and received towards their services so far.


Advanced Features of an On-Demand Beauty Service App

1. Promo Codes

It offers special codes to the app users that give them discounts, service bundles, and loyalty programs to make them feel special. Long-term customers should only be eligible for these offers so that they visit you again and again.

2. In-app Chat/Calling with Providers

The in-app chat/call option helps the customers to get in touch with the experts at the salon and discuss while letting the customer discuss their requirements with them. It allows them to quickly clear their doubts and issues if they have any regarding a particular service.

3. Upload Video Portfolio

With this feature, the makeup and hairstylist can upload their videos, portfolios in the application. By looking at these videos, the user can decide about the quality of their services and decide whether they should avail their services or not. 


In a Nutshell 

It is worth developing an app for beauty services as it offers comfort to the users. Customers no longer have to face the unavailability of their preferred time or ignorance of the better deals offered by beauty salons and spas. Leveraging a mobile app for your salon business will not only make your customers lives easy but will also make it easy for you to interact with them at a personal level.

So get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company for your hands-on beauty services app right away.