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Top Reasons To Choose Django Framework For Your Next Project

Top Reasons To Choose Django Framework For Your Next Project

Choosing a web development framework is a big and important decision to take for the success of your project. There are a number of frameworks available in the market but choosing the one that suffices your project requirements can be tricky. If you are thinking to get a web application developed and not sure which framework to opt for, then consider Django. It is one of the most popular web development tools.

But what is the Django framework? It is an open-source framework for backend web applications based on Python which is one of the top web development languages. Django uses its own naming system for all functions and components. It also has an admin panel that makes it easier to work on Django as compared to Laravel or Yii.

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What Is Django Used For?

Django can be used for a number of tasks. It enables the development of various platforms from scientific to financial and social networking. Here is the list of a few projects that can be created using Django:

  • Client relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Content management systems (CMS) 
  • Communication platforms
  • Booking engines
  • Emailing solutions

Reasons To Choose Django Framework

  • Maturity: Django has been there in the industry for a remarkable amount of time and has gone through various stages of enhancements and improvements. Many features have been brought to the level of perfection and a lot of new ones are added. That makes it the most appropriate framework for your project.
  • Built With Python: Django is built with Python and it inherits some of the key benefits from it. Python is used by the most famous companies in the world because of its versatility and robustness. Pertaining to its parent language Django offers a complete range of features that are not found in any other framework.
  • Django Has All You Need: Django is equipped with all that you require. It is famous for having the "batteries included" that refers to containing all the libraries and tools that are required for common use cases such as Django ORM, Authentication, HTTP libraries, Multi-site support, Django Admin, template engine, and many more.
  • Good For SEO: Python is known for having human-readable code and that's an advantage if you want to rank your site on top of the search results. Django enables you to create readable website URLs and links using the most relevant keywords. It allows you to implement the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.
  • Pluggable: Django is pluggable by nature and can be extended with plugins. Plugins are software components that allow developers to add a specific feature to an app, leaving a lot of scope for customization. 
  • Based On DRY Principle: It is based on DRY(Don't Repeat Yourself) principle that facilitates the developer to work on the unique code. It eliminates repetition and helps in quality development.
  • Security: It is equipped with one of the best security systems and helps developers to avoid common security issues such as clickjacking, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection.
  • ORM: Django is preferred for its object-relational mapper that enables developers to interact with databases. An object-relational mapper (ORM) is a library that transfers data stored in databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL into objects commonly used in application code. 

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