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Incredible Advantages of Choosing RoR for Your Next Project

Incredible Advantages of Choosing RoR for Your Next Project

Planning to develop a mobile application? Your foremost concern would be- which framework to choose for your app. Right? And among all the available frameworks, Ruby On Rails(RoR) has undoubtedly gained a huge spotlight in the recent time. But is RoR the right choice for getting your app built? Is RoR more secure and reliable than all other frameworks? Let's read more to know the reasons why you must prefer RoR for your projects.

Why choose Ruby On Rails?

Whether we talk about security, scalability, or user support, Ruby On Rails still remains one of the best frameworks out of the other programming languages. And the best part of choosing RoR is that it is a start-up friendly platform so that even startups can fetch the maximum benefit out of it. Want to know the top advantages of choosing RoR? Here is a list of top benefits of choosing RoR.

Top benefits of choosing Ruby on Rails

  • Scalable: If you are concerned about scalability, then RoR will be the right choice. The architecture of RoR is perfectly designed that it helps you in maintaining scalability in your apps. Moreover, you must be sure that the complete architecture is supporting multi-level caching or not.
  • Easy to manage changes: While we talk about carrying out future changes, or modifying some existing modules in the app, RoR framework is the best place to opt for as it allows you to quickly and easily make changes.
  • Secure: Most of the prominent security features which an ideal framework must have are already inbuilt in the RoR framework. This simply means it helps you stay away from all the possible risks, data attacks, and other threats.
  • Performance: There is a possibility that there could be various modules which might be slowing down your app. Thereby, resulting in a falling performance of the app. Availing for RoR lets you stay away from all the performance related issues and offers you better outputs.
  • Budget-friendly platform: The framework of RoR is absolutely free and is easy to run on Linux, so Ruby on Rails turns out to be the most cost-effective framework to get your app build.
  • Productivity: RoR is considered as the most productive framework as it assists you in developing features quickly when combined with third-party libraries. Ruby is a concise language, lets you develop more reliable and productive apps.
  • A large repository of free plugins: A huge abundance of free plugins is one another considerable benefit offered by Ruby on Rails. Choosing RoR lets you customize your website for all business requirements and it often suits the startups too.

Finding the right vendor!

The above mentioned are just the basic advantages offered by RoR, it has a lot more for the mobile applications industry. Choosing RoR for your projects would be the best decision for your business, so without any second thoughts, implement RoR for your projects.

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