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Go Bike: Bike sharing App

Go Bike: Bike sharing App

Go Bike is for bike-sharing service that can be used in your trips around the city. It makes your ride safer and hassle-free, wherever and whenever you want.

Technology Used: Android, IOS, PHP, Yii2

GoBike is an affordable and smart bicycle sharing service for making journeys easy and convenient for people. It offers services in the safest and environment-friendly manner for making daily trips easier. You can track and monitor the bicycle at any time and keep yourself updated while maintaining customer’s safety. GoBike offers affordable services to customers while providing the most reliable and viable services.

Key features of GoBike:

  • Find a nearby bike anywhere, at anytime.
  • Unlock bike by scanning the QR code.
  • Secure & quick payments.
  • Get lock code through bike number.
  • Assured convenience and trustworthy services.
  • Environment-friendly services at affordable price.
  • 24/7/365 reliable support services.

GoBike is one of the perfect apps for ones who are planning to build a bike sharing application with lower development costs and at a lower budget. GoBike is one of the best apps developed by us and it has become one of the leading bike sharing app in Africa. And as the progress continues, GoBike is planning to expand its services across and beyond Africa in the coming future.

How GoBike turns out to be the best bike sharing app

Not just one, but GoBike has several advantages which convince the crowd to choose GoBike. People are now returning back to the time where people used to travel via bicycles for short trips. People nowadays look for easily viable and online bike sharing service while they head towards their destiny on a daily basis or whenever they are visiting a new place for vacation. And with the evolution of smartphones, people now look for bike sharing services online. This is where GoBike shows its powerful impact on the customer's mind.

Find a nearby bike anywhere, at anytime: One of the major features of GoBike which attracts the customers is that it allows people to find the nearest bikes. Using the GoBike app, one can find the nearest bikes near to their destination while saving huge time and efforts of the customers. Users can quickly search the nearby bike and rent one quickly.

Unlock bike by scanning the QR code: GoBike allows people to unlock a bike simply by scanning a QR code. It lets the user unlock the bike within a moment of time without any hassle and enjoy his/her ride. Once the user scans the QR code, the bike gets automatically unlocked. SO, within a few seconds, people can enjoy their rides in the city and spend a good time.

Secure & quick payments: Once the user has unlocked the bike by scanning the QR code, he/she can further make quick and easy payments directly from the GoBike app. Offering a user-friendly experience so that the users don't feel difficulty while making the payments for their trip. Users can check the details of their ride and make the exact payments accordingly.

Get lock code through bike number: After the user has found a bike nearby, he/she can quickly get a lock code using the bike number in the GoBike app. They can unlock by scanning the QR code and quickly unlock the bike. It becomes quite easy and quick to unlock a bike with GoBike app. So, people can easily use the GoBike app and enjoy their ride without any hassle or complications along the way.

Assured convenience and trustworthy services: The app securely tracks the bike with the help of GPS location of the bike and gives a clear idea of the exact location of the bike. And this remains one of the necessary which every bike sharing app must have in order to manage operations easily. So, whether users are heading to your office or going to the supermarket, unlike the other apps, users can enjoy safer and more comfortable rides with the GoBike app.

Environment-friendly services at an affordable price: Instead of going for personal vehicle trips or walking miles to the destination, users can fetch the maximum benefits from the GoBike application. All kind of trips can be completed while users choose GoBike and enjoy the environment-friendly services at an affordable price.

24/7/365 reliable support services: The most important thing which most of the apps skip is customer support. GoBike makes sure that the customer doesn’t get stuck anywhere or faces a problem with the GoBike journey. The app already includes instant 24/7 support services customers in case they face any kind of problems. So, users can quickly get in touch with the support team and get assistance from the expert team of GoBike.

GoBike has a lot more to excite you and offer a bundle of services customers are expecting from your application. All the features and services are offered at the most affordable prices as per the customers defined budget and business requirements. If you have any other requirements apart from above-mentioned features, you can anytime get in touch with us and our experts will assist you with the most suitable solutions for your business.

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