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Manage Call Logs

Manage Call Logs

Manage Call Logs app let you manage your call logs for incoming, outgoing calls and sms. Current version just group all logs by phone number and let you erase it in. User can sort the calls in the call history on the basis of call duration and number of calls, putting higher above in the list. It displays a list with graphical bar, showing how much time did you spend on call with each caller in descending order. You can search the call logs using name or with just an alphabet of that name, this application will help you find details out of long call history easily. 

Key Features:

  • Call statistics on the basis of duration and number of calls
  • Call log search using name or just the first alphabet of the name
  • Keeps the backup of your call log for future reference
  • Can delete unwanted call log
  • You can restore the logs you want to use again
  • Can search the call log for particular time period

Technology Used: Android 


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