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Exceptional Executive

Exceptional Executive

Exceptional Executive

The Exceptional Executive offer help in an unobtrusive way. Everyday they publish a tip on some aspect of personal growth and development. They help you diagnose your own areas of improvement, and give you guidance on addressing these issues. It also publishes a blog by the title, be an Exceptional Executive, which pull into the app so you can read it wherever you are, and they do an occasional podcast on longer topics. These podcasts are kept to 15 minutes, as they have found people begin to tune out when they go much longer.

Key Features

  • Offers guidance that needs improvement
  • Gives guidance on how to address issues
  • Publish blogs discussing topics for personal growth
  • Offers occasional podcast and discussion forums
  • Free of cost
  • One-hour sessions during weekday lunchtime 

Technologies Used: Yii Framework, PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap,






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