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Tweak My Pic

Tweak My Pic

This app let you tweak your pictures with various effects. Fascinating filters to transform your Images. This app helps you to create attractive pictures with an amazing background. User can filter their pic and can create a fuss on social media and grab attention after editing the pics by using this app. This app consists of an easy to use interface which offers multiple effects on the same image. 

Key Features

  • Amicable User Interface and Easy to use.
  • User is able to add multiple effect on same image.
  • Swirl, Pinch, stretch and Bulge distortions to distort the image.
  • Save image to the Photo library
  • Instant sharing to Email and other applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ( if installed)

Technology Used: iOS, Android, PHP


App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tweakmypic/id601730249?mt=8

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