Medical & Healthcare: Web and Mobile Applications

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Why develop and how to make a healthcare app? Mobile medical applications, healthcare apps, and health-related patient apps are now conquering the market rapidly. Mobile health or so-called Health solutions grow along with the global increase in smartphone usage. Moreover, the focus of health care system is shifting to patient-centric more and more.

There is already a large variety of medical apps for doctors (HCP – health care professionals) and for patients. Keeping track of personal health, recovery, medication dosing, monitoring, as doctor consultation become more convenient with the web and mobile apps.

Medical apps allow users easy access, user-friendly experience to consult, chat and appointment booking in real time. The applications are designed and developed for Doctors and Patients.

Having analyzed dozen of healthcare apps we’ve defined several essential health app features. Whether a wellness app or a doctor appointment app, this functionality is at the very core of your own medical application.

Basic healthcare app features include:

  • Push notifications

  • Appointments

  • Access to EHR/EMR

  • Prescriptions

  • Analytics

  • Reviews

  • Photo gallery

  • Social integration

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