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How DevOps Acts as a Key to Accelerate the Process of Software Development?

How DevOps Acts as a Key to Accelerate the Process of Software Development?

In today’s growing digital world, high-performing apps have become the need of the hour. The appropriate and faster delivery not only satisfies your clients, but also leads to better growth of your company. However, for better deployment, the delivery lifecycle has to use different ways that help to boost up the entire process.

Well, it is not only about the speed, but the companies need to cope up with challenges, focus on offering the best quality and error-free solutions. Using the open-source tools at every stage of delivery offers increased automation. Are you confused about switching your team to DevOps?

This article is for you. It covers all the details about DevOps, its principles, how it accelerates the delivery of projects and much more.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a fast-paced software delivery app that delivers on agile promises. It combines software development methodologies (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) that streamlines the business goals and delivers them faster. It also facilitates the enterprises to deliver high-quality and robust apps without compromising the quality. DevOps has become the most crucial part of the enterprises as it is bridging the gap between IT operations and project development.

The DevOps software market was $2.9 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $6.6 billion in the year 2022. It continues to offer business value while accelerating the delivery of value to customers.


The key DevOps principles you must adopt

Using DevOps within the teams and enterprises is fundamentally going to change the radical mindset while bringing a cultural shift in the organization. The key principles of DevOps include:

1. Automation

Whether it is workflow, testing of new codes, the DevOps offers complete automation that simplifies the process while allowing teams to be productive.

2. Iteration

With the quicker end-user feedback, there is an acceleration in the development process.

3. Self Service

The principle helps boost the release as it enables the developers to deploy apps on-demand by themselves.

4. Continuous improvement

It makes the process more fluid. It allows you to learn from your failures while optimizing performance, cost, and deployment time.

5. Continuous Testing

With continuous testing after every operation, you get faster releases and higher quality at the same time.

6. Collaboration

It helps to break silos between development, IT operations while boosting their communication and offering quality solutions.


Evolution from Agile to DevOps

Earlier, Agile was the most popular approach used by enterprises to deliver quality solutions, but its iterative approach was a failure. It was unable to help organizations deliver faster and high-quality software. This resulted in a lot of issues such as delay of deadlines, lack of clarity, and other issues.

Then came the DevOps approach, which emerged to augment the potential of Agile software development while removing all the barriers.


Accelerating Product Development and Deployment LifeCycle

Enterprises are seen to adopt the product development lifecycle in different ways. Here, we have mentioned some ways in which DevOps accelerates the process:

1. Offers Fast Delivery and better features

The project deployment is only carried by the developers once it is approved by the IT teams. After the development is done, the IT team is contacted to check for the features of products, testing environment, and other parameters. The team can add on the interface and configure them in a much better way. This could be a hectic task and takes longer than usual.

The introduction to DevOps bought a whole new approach and offered automation at every step. Once the DevOps automation is in place, the team gets the appropriate feedback at every step so that they can make the necessary changes and adjustments simultaneously.

2. Helps to boost efficiency

DevOps has been helping and encouraging developers to spend most of their time growing their business. DevOps offers automation that is the key to acceleration and saves you from tedious and boring works.

3. Advanced team collaboration

With the DevOps deployment process, there is an advanced team collaboration that continues to boost up their operations. One of the reasons for the lack of productivity was the development and deployment team working separately.

Thanks to DevOps, that because of the solid reasons for the teams to collaborate and work together. It allows every team to work properly, enabling the culture of collaboration that ultimately helps boost efficiencies. Not only the efficiency is increased, as the lifecycle becomes seamless you can actually end up saving your time, resources, and decreased time of deployment.

Is it time to Switch to DevOps?

Automation continues to play a major role in the transformation of DevOps. And the blog portrays how crucial DevOps is to generate profits in product development and deployment.

In today’s time, it has become one of the most integral parts of cloud solutions. Do you want to make your cloud journey simpler and efficient? Our DevOps consultants will help to implement the DevOps approach. If you have any more further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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