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Internship / Industrial training

Internship / Industrial training

ToXSL provides the Live Project-based 6 weeks / 6 months Industrial training program for BCA, BE, B. Tech, B.SC., M.SC., PGDCA, MCA, and MBA. The purpose of Industrial Training is to deliver an on-the-field practical experience so that they can use their theoretical knowledge in real-life.

During this program, we allow trainees to work on the Live Industrial Project, which is very helpful to trainee prospects.

We offer Live Project Training under the guidance of experienced corporate professionals.

The training program emphasizes helping the students expand their logical thinking skills and think critically.

Information about new application models is offered to the students to cope with future industry requirements. Candidates feel better while working independently, and it can help them analyze industrial requirements while staying in an industrial environment. Our internship programs can help to give a kick-start to your career and make you a part of the topmost reputed & leading companies in India.

Why are most engineers qualified but unemployed?

Although there are a plethora of jobs available in the IT sector for freshers, it becomes difficult to grab the opportunities. The candidates fail to secure their desired jobs. 

But why are candidates not able to secure jobs?

Well, there are many reasons behind unemployment. According to stats, 80% of engineers are unemployed. Let us learn the few reasons that are leading to unemployment issues.

Demand and Supply Mismatch: There is a gap in student knowledge and what is in demand in the industry. Also, most students are not encouraged enough to explore topics and enhance their range of skills. Due to this, students lack problem-solving skills. But, employers are looking for critical thinkers and problem solvers. Also, there are a lot of colleges across India and fewer jobs available. This mismatch in knowledge and employer’s requirements and an imbalance in job openings lead to unemployment. 

Lack of Practical Knowledge: The times are changing, and industries are using advanced technology. The difficulties that companies are solving are advanced now, and problem-solving challenges are growing. The student must prepare for the challenge and work on their ability to solve the problems, analyze, and predict the future.

Most colleges ignore the hands-on experience with real-time applications, and the student suffers due to the lack of practicality.

Communication Skills: Communication skills play a crucial role in the job. Employers are looking for candidates who can work and communicate with a diverse group of people around the globe. Most student lacks basic communication skills and gets rejected. Some students find it hard to speak in English, but they must understand that English is our business language, and every candidate must work on it.

Curriculum: The technology used in industries is advanced, and the syllabus taught to students in colleges is outdated. 

Is it possible to solve future problems with the old syllabus?

Is it acceptable?

Our future engineers can not survive in the industry with the 10-year-old syllabus. It is time for colleges to update their curriculum according to today’s needs. 

We at ToXSL understand how valuable hands-on experience is for candidates. We provide 6 months of industrial training and help graduates upskill themselves and get the job they deserve. Let us explain the benefits we offer with our industrial trainin

Benefits of Doing Industrial Training with us

Availing of our Industrial Training Program will offer you a certificate and also help students to gain the knowledge they must have & get placed in the desired companies. Here are all the other benefits that students can avail of:

  • Our experts help students understand in-depth knowledge of the subject and domain with our practical classes. 
  • Industrial training help students secure job offers from their dream companies.
  • After completing the training, students get recommendations and certifications.
  • Students get to understand and use the latest advanced technology.
  • Students will know the latest happenings in the industry.
  • It also helps students understand the Industry Norms.

Objectives of Industrial Training 

Now you know the benefits of industrial training. Let us move further and shed some light on our objectives behind Industrial Training. Our focus is:

  • To enhance the skills-set of students.
  • To make them industry-ready.
  • Improve students' practical knowledge.
  • To increase their integrity and leadership skills.
  • To make them understand what the industry expects from them.
  • Enhance students' confidence in their abilities.

The modules covered in our six months training program

ToXSL is a well-known name in the industry that offers career-oriented internships to students from all universities and engineering colleges. The modules which we cover in our internship program:

The modules which we cover in our internship program:

  • PHP Development
  • Linux/Networking Administrator
  • Yii Framework
  • Python Development
  • Business Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Software Testing
  • Node JS Development
  • Java Development
  • DevOps Engineer

The main motive behind providing training is to deliver practical skills and knowledge to the students. Our highly experienced team of professionals strives to help the trainees to acquire all the skills and knowledge they must have to survive in the corporate world.

Why should you choose ToXSL for your training program?

ToXSL Training Program is designed to make students from diverse backgrounds industry-ready. The main goal is to give candidates opportunities to improve and enhance their technical skills. We have helped many students from various universities and engineering colleges in India to enhance their skills and get the jobs of their dreams. We use many programming languages and frameworks, some of which are C++, PHP, Java, Python, Flutter, Django, and more.

Our training program is not to equip students with a training certificate. But we aim to provide students with a strong foundation along with practical knowledge and experience so that they can develop their projects independently.

We are open to providing training ongoing basis. The students who are enrolled in a full degree program (Bachelor, Master, PhD) can apply to the internships.

If you are looking for 6 Weeks/6 Months of Industrial Training or a Summer Training program, it is recommended to update the resume before applying, or you can also contact us directly in our office.

To know more about our training program, visit here.