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Latest SMM Trends To Watch in 2020!

Latest SMM Trends To Watch in 2020!

Social Media is today much more than finding those old school and missed friends or posting the moments created over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Without moving from one place to another, within a few moments, and using your fingertips, you can market your business and products across the world and deal in millions or more, with the advent of social media as a marketing and promotion platform. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is both creativity and strategy or can be together as the most creative marketing strategy. It is a kind of digital or internet marketing that uses social networking sites or media as their marketing tools to promote businesses and increase traffic. It works on the principles of SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

According to some reports, 97% of marketers and 78% of business people are using social media as their marketing platform. 

Moreover, there are two types of SMM promotions, one is Active SMM promotion and another is Passive SMM promotion. 

Active SMM Promotion - This promotion includes adding links that drive from the published content on the website towards social networking sites. And its means are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+

Companies create ad-campaigns on these sites and promote over the audience to get traffic. 

Passive SMM Promotion - It includes promoting activities on social networks like updating statuses, uploading images, tweets or publishing of articles on blogs. It is indirectly done concerning business promotion.  

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Why SMM is Important in Business Growth?

Being a smart digital marketing tactic, SMM is letting the businesses and companies to achieve their end goals without paying many efforts. People today from having a cup of tea to that of sharing their knowledge across the world use social media, so why not make them delight and aware of your business and products using the same social media platforms. 

Today, being visible in the digital world with an active and robust online social image can only be brought enough loyal and regular customers to your business. Since 90% of 3 billion active social media users use social networking sites for taking their purchasing or buying decision. 

Social Media Marketing today has become an integral part of running your business. Since there’s a noble chance that your public is on these social media platforms, and it’s an ideal opportunity to get your business in front of their eyes with no extra payment or investment making a hole in your pocket. 

Social Listening: Connect your Audience!

Social listening is an effective tactic of Social Media Marketing that let the businesses and marketers to know about what is important and favorite to your audience. Social listening can help you to be in the tone and style that your audience uses to have a conversation. 

For example, the trending hashtags, slang languages, and trending memes can be used by businesses to promote their services. This will directly hit and influence the audience. 

By monitoring the conversation of your public and target audience, you will get to know about their persona and the trending style so that you can match your business promotional operations accordingly. 

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Latest 2020 Social Media Marketing Trends 

Every day, there is something new arrived on the social media platform in terms of hashtags, memes, etc. Apart from this, the marketing styles of social media also evolve day-to-day. 

Let's check out what's in the pocket of the year 2020 for Social Media Marketing...

1. Advanced, Dynamic, and Direct Social Ads - Businesses today are immensely investing in social ads creation. And this is because people today are getting more and more comfortable with social or online shopping. These ads have become the reason for direct promotion and business from customers over social media. Moreover, these days, the Instagram retail pages are in trend, it also signals the growth of direct social marketing.

2. Influencer Marketing - Brands today are taking advantage of influencer and word-of-mouth marketing as a validated way to promote business and products, hence the popularity is widely-known. Today, the influence of marketing is not only limited to celebrities and well-known personalities but the common audience via social media has also become the influencer by promoting their favorite brand and recommending its products further. 

3. Posting Stories - Granny's tales still lasts! Well, posting and telling your stories via social media platforms is also one such way that lasts in the viewer's mind. These days, people whether shopping from a brand, visiting a cafe or any eatery never forget to share the stories, which indirectly promotes that business among the viewers and then customers. And the current major platform is Instagram, with over 500 million daily users, Instagram is contributing its great to Social Media Marketing 2020 Trends. 

4. Video Content - Still the video content is booming and influencing people. Both the long-form and short-form videos like GIFs, boomerangs, etc. used to share every day by millions of users over social media. Again Instagram's IGTV TikTok are such examples that are growing day by day and promoting the businesses over millions. 

5. Augmented Reality - Augmented reality where contributing its great in the business world, there it is also have become a major part of Social Media Marketing. It enhances reality by summing digital factors like filters, etc. into it and transforming the way things really look. Social media platforms have got exciting uses for this tech-update and have started benefiting it in modern years.


Social Media Marketing which is running successfully from the past years by the businesses via smart strategies won't stop. However, it will become more advanced and beneficial in the coming ages through different and unique tech-updates. In the same vein, the above-mentioned 2020 trends will overlook the social media landscape this year and in the coming years too. Hence, leverage these trends to your business and be ahead of your rivals in the business battlefield.

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