Internet Of Things:Web and Mobile Applications

Internet of Things has transformed the way industries operate and has gained the spotlight in no time. IoT solutions can directly assist businesses to unlock better revenue streams, enhance productivity, and uplift the customer's experience as never before. 

Holding expertise in Raspberry Pi, GeekBox, Android custom ROM development, and other IoT trends, we at ToXSL Technologies have created numerous IoT ventures. We are one of the reputed software services company, offering influential IoT solutions from startup to large businesses. Our group of expert developers hold years of technical experience and keep themselves updated with the latest IoT trends practiced in the IoT industry. We offer complete solutions to suit the customer demands and improve the user experience.

Till date, we have built and executed more than 30 IoT based applications with on-time delivery and reaching the customer expectation level. Choosing ToXSL Technologies lets your business to stay ahead of the competitors and build a unique identity in the market.

ToXSL Technologies offers a wide range of IoT solutions for diverse industries with basic characteristics:

  • Modular and Future-proof
  • Open and Independent
  • Supports Rapid Start for Instant IoT
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Rebrandable
  • Free Methodology and Design-time Tooling

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