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Total Blocker

Total Blocker

This app would save us from unwanted calls and SMSes from various spam marketing and mischievous elements. Even if you have DND activated, you cannot be spared, they still bother all us and take away lot of quality time. Our app show in real time, how many people blocked that number and why? It also let us report DND violations just by a single click. Lets stop the spam, make mobile a better world again. Due to hardware and mobile OEM restrictions, It may not automatically block calls on some android devices but it would warn us not to pick and just ignore unwanted calls and even report DND violations.

Key Features: 

  • Block unwanted calls and messages
  • Disable spam marketing and other mischievous elements
  • Stops the spam
  • Warns the user not to pick up the call
  • Reports DND violations

Technologies Used: Android, PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap


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