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ConnectUpz App & web which will be used by merchants and corresponding to each punch card created a QR code will be generated that will be shown to the customers possibly at merchants place to scan the QR code and earn digital stamps based on the product purchase. Also, having a ‘Merchant Page’ within the website, using a 1 page template. A rules based Membership portal that restricts access to features and an affiliate tracking system to reward affiliates that grows the membership.

Technology Used: PHP, jQuery, Android, ios, Bootstrap

Website Link: https://connectupz.com/

Andriod App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.connectupz

iOS App: https://fnd.io/#/us/ios-universal-app/1447106349-qr-scanner-rewards-by-connectupz-pte-ltd

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