Radar Auto is a Car rental marketplace website to browse an specific car model with all features (for ex: toyota(brand) corolla(model) XEI(version) 2.0(engine) Gasoline(fuel) Automatic(transmission) Black(external color) with white leather interior(interior)) and check how many car dealers (It is only about new cars, franchise dealerships) of this specific brand searched (toyota, in this case) have it in stock and what is the minimum price they sell the car. The seller must input the price manually after confirmation if he has in stock. The seller should respond the requests one by one. The system must rank the sellers proposals by price (smallest to largest) as soon as it receives the offers. Should also have a filter of location in this ranking (nearest to farthest dealer) based on buyers zip code. The time to the seller to respond each buyer request is 48 hours.

Technology Used: jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP