We have extensive experience in developing Custom ROM Project. We are the top-most companies that develop ROM images and customize features for desktop and PC ROM. U1 Rom is one of our Android Open Source Project (AOSP) custom ROM product. Our skilled developers use custom ROMs to overclock the device to make it run faster and underclock it to make it run slower and to disable the volume warning that Android constantly shows when system volume is increased and headphones plugged in. These are some of the common changes and upgrades we did in this product. 

Key Features

  • Launcher

  • Widgets

  • Pin/Pattern Lock

  • Camera 

  • Swipe Features

  • Desk Clock

  • Incoming/Outgoing call screen

  • Music player

  • Radio

  • Sound Recorder

  • Calculator

  • Quick access tools menu - contains notes, torchlight, calculator, camera