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The Hookah at your door app helps to deliver hookahs, flavors, vapes, and cigars at your door on-demand. This app provides a better way to shop, bringing hookahs and vapes to your door with the touch of a button. Simply enter your delivery address, add your items and checkout with your card or Paypal account. It is cheaper to order with Hookah at Your Door than any other online website. This app is perfect for Late nights, parties, pre-parties, after-parties or simply when you just run out of coals or flavors. Just skip the hassle of locating a store near you, and skip the trip there, have your order delivered within an hour or less with on-demand delivery.

Key Features

  • Deliver hookahs, flavors, vapes, and cigars at your door on demand
  • Cheaper prices than other online stores
  • Can deliver within an hour
  • Perfect for late night parties and lack of coal or hookah flavors
  • Order ship on the same day

Technologies Used: Yii Framework, iOS

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