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Hair Reinvent

Hair Reinvent

Hair Reinvent

Gals! Ever wonder how you will look like in SHORT HAIR? Guys! Can’t tell if you will look good in LONG HAIR? Can you sport that CURLY hair or the ‘CLEOPATRA‘ look? Time to have some fun with your own HAIR MAKEOVER!! Reinvent your own Hairstyle! Crop your own face into the app and try out different hairstyles (for both guys and gals) before going for the actual haircut! What’s more, you can put on different CLOTHES and suits and SPECTACLES to see if that style suits you! Crop your geeky friend’s face and show them how happy they can become by following your stylish tips!

Key Features:

  • Face (attach pictures)
  • Hairstyles 
  • Save
  • Home

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