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Total WiFi Power Saver

Total WiFi Power Saver

Total WiFi Power Saver is an android application that helps you save battery and data charges. This application automatically turn off your wifi/wlan when there is no network available. Sets your WiFi connection according to the locations. This applications runs in background that uses minimum battery. This is an amazing development from ToXSL Technologies which helps the users to save their phone battery. 

Key Features:

  • Turn off WiFi when no connection available
  • Add and Save your WiFi connection with locations
  • Automatically saves the WiFi connections
  • Turn on WiFi automatically for saved locations
  • Save your Battery Power and data charges also
  • Get Notifications while connected or disconnected from WiFi
  • Sets the priority for the WiFi connections
  • Automatically switch between saved networks when signal is not ideal

Technologies Used: Android 


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