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ToXSL Technologies is an all time growing, self sufficient and stable website and mobile application development company. Our tech junkies have expertise in providing mobile applications for both android and iOS platform and Website development using Yii 2.0 PHP Framework. We are very keen to propel ourselves to adapt new web technologies and recent IT trends.

React.js is the next level web technology which helps us to develop robust and scaling applications that adds value to our portfolio. This web technology is something which suits all the products that are tend to be robust and scale despite of the fact that it is used by SME's developing a big product or developing small web based products. Also React.js provide ease to the developers and can be the best open source option to choose from a several javascript libraries.

React is the state of the art web development javascript that raises the level of the web application development community and has shown significant advantages and differences in its competing frameworks like Angular.js and node.js. Since the time we have adopted React as one of our JavaScript based technologies, we have established a position of a leading React app development company. React.js is a very rapid technology and has a very big community.

We own lots of ready-to-use validate components to combine together with rapidly prototype ideas. React is actually very simple and once you will start understanding its key concepts such as property and state, you will be all set to start building. What we love about React is its smaller pieces of code as its easier to test, it’s easier to maintain and are re-usable. ToXSL is an active React community and building client centric experiences to drive innovative business growth, leveraging React app development services.

We have already successfully implemented many React applications across mobile, desktop and tablet environments. React.js is used to create iterative and quick user interfaces for all business enterprises, SME's and startup companies. We are looking forward for serving SME's with amazing concepts and willingness to succeed. 

An example of apps created using react.js, certain components of Facebook, that are built using React.js. React.js, indeed, is maintained by Facebook and Instragram, and also community of developers.

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