Chat: Web and Mobile Applications

We are expert in Android, iOS and Web Framework Development.

Live Chat, Instant messaging Apps, WhatsApp Clone, SnapChat Clone, Text Chat Apps, Audio Chat, Private and Public Chat Apps, Chat Rooms, Real-time Chat.

Chat Application is primarily meant based group chat to refer to direct one-on-one chat or text. ToXSL Technologies provide both types of the chat application. ToXSL Technologies chat application facilitates real-time application, with its superior feature set and unprecedented reliability. ToXSL Technologies Chat application increases the efficiency of the communication process.

Text messaging is a highly effective and faster way to read messages. It’s become an essential social & business communication tool. ToXSL can help you build custom, hosted & scalable instant messaging app solution across iOS, Android & The Web.

Core Component Of Chat Application :

  • One-on-One Chat

  • Group Chat (Chatrooms)

  • Make Audio Calls

  • Make Video Calls

  • Share Photos, Audios, Videos & Location in Chat

  • Smileys/Emoji Support

  • Broadcast Messages – Text, Image, Audio, Video

  • Push Notifications

  • Is Typing

  • Block/Unblock Users/Contact

  • Record Voice & Send

  • Report Conversation

  • Security

  • Sent, Delivered, Read Receipt

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