Chat: Web and Mobile Applications

Live Chat, Instant messaging Apps, WhatsApp Clone, SnapChat Clone, Text Chat Apps, Audio Chat, Private and Public Chat Apps, Chat Rooms, Real-time Chat.

Chat Application is primarily meant based group chat to refer to direct one-on-one chat or text. ToXSL Technologies provide both types of the chat application. ToXSL Technologies chat application facilitates real-time application, with its superior feature set and unprecedented reliability. ToXSL Technologies Chat application increases the efficiency of the communication process.

Text messaging is a highly effective and faster way to read messages. It’s become an essential social & business communication tool. ToXSL can help you build custom, hosted & scalable instant messaging app solution across iOS, Android & The Web.

Core Component Of Chat Application :

  • One-on-One Chat

  • Group Chat (Chatrooms)

  • Make Audio Calls

  • Make Video Calls

  • Share Photos, Audios, Videos & Location in Chat

  • Smileys/Emoji Support

  • Broadcast Messages – Text, Image, Audio, Video

  • Push Notifications

  • Is Typing

  • Block/Unblock Users/Contact

  • Record Voice & Send

  • Report Conversation

  • Security

  • Sent, Delivered, Read Receipt

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