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Automation Testing using Selenium

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    Course: Automation Testing using Selenium Certification Course
    Training Duration: 6 months
    Qualification:B.Tech / MCA / BCA / M.Tech.


    > Selenium Introduction:

    • Test Automation
    • Automation Advantages
    • Introduction to Selenium
    • Brief history of Selenium Project
    • Selenium’s Tools Suite
    • Supported Browsers and platforms
    • Differences between Selenium and QTP

    >  Selenium IDE:

    • Selenium IDE introduction
    • Installing IDE
    • IDE features(ICONs)
    • Building Test Cases
    • Running Test Cases
    • Selenium commands-Selenese
    • Verifying Page Elements
    • Assertion Vs Verification
    • Locating Elements (Element Locators)
    • Pattern Matching
    • The “AndWait” Command
    • WaitFor command in AJAX
    • Store commands and Selenese Paramenters
    • Echo – Selenium Print command
    • Alerts, Popups & Multiple windows
    • Debugging
    • Writing a Test Suite
    • IDE Test on different browsers
    • Troubleshooting
    • Selenium Test Runner

    Training highlights:

    • 100% Practical Training + Live projects
    • In House Placements
    • Training by experienced mentors cum developers.
    • Certifications: Course completion certificate & live project completion certificate
    • Daily assignments & notes will be provided.

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