When we talk about SEO, the discussion is all about improving the user experience over your website, and getting better ranking over all the search engines. And SEO experts work a lot upon it to improve their website SEO- star ranking, page optimization, and a lot of other techniques are practiced. 

Doing the SEO of a website is not at all a cakewalk, it needs smart work and efforts as well. Though SEO is a bit tricky process, if you are over-focusing on SEO and make your blog look like a typical SEO stuffed blog, your website might get penalized for this. Moreover, the updates like Penguin have made a point to penalize the ones which are trying some silly and shortcut methods to get a higher ranking.

What is Google's Penalty

Since 2000, the SEO industry has evolved out and it really brought a revolution in the website industry. Poor content and plagiarized content got banned by Google and 2 out of 10 websites disappeared overnight. But the websites with fresh and unique content did enjoy the perks of SEO updates. This was the turning point when website owners started taking things seriously.

Not only this, there are a number of other reasons as well which can list your website under the penalized ones. Want to know the top reasons which might penalize your website? Keep reading this post and keep your website safe!

  • Plagiarism in content: Uploading duplicate content over the websites is an illegitimate act and Google says a big NO to duplicate content. So, you simply can't think of putting plagiarized content over your website. Make sure the website content is fresh and unique before uploading on the website.
  • Buying backlinks: A large portion of people buy backlinks considering it as a part of SEO, but it is again a Google penalty. Google may take this act as a manipulation strategy to gain ranking.
  • 404 errors: Having internal errors and problems on your website simply indicates a danger sign for you. If you have 404 errors on your website, you need to get them fixed immediately or be prepared to be penalized from Google.
  • Overusing H1 tags: No doubt using H1 Is essential for recognizing the page content, but overuse of H1 tags can set you in danger as well. So, you need to be aware of this thing.
  • Overstuffing of keywords: Remember overstuffing of keywords in your content is not a good idea, rather use keywords only where required. Overusing of keywords can again penalize your website.
  • Hidden links: If you have any hidden links over your website, you need to immediately remove them because Google is going to assume it as a suspicious act.
  • Black hat SEO: Black hat SEO is an unethical method, so you can't even think of going for black hat SEO. Simply remove this concept out of your head or get ready for the penalty.
  • Overusing anchor text: After the Penguin update, overusing the anchor texts in content is strictly prohibited and the SEO experts must focus on this concept.
  • Slow loading speed: If your website is slow while loading, be prepared to lose your customers. Nobody loves to wait while your website pages load and nor does Google prefers slow websites.
  • Overuse of affiliate links: No doubt, affiliate websites are a good idea to attain a good customer base, but having affiliate links in excess is not preferred by Google, and they might penalize you for this.

Is your website safe?

If your website has any of the above signs, no worries, there are a lot of way outs to fix them. Firstly, you need to sit with your team and make them aware of these things so that they stay aware in the future as well. Moreover, if you are in your startup stage, you can even go for a trusted web development company which can help you in building a safe and perfect website. Want to get started? Discuss your requirements with us now!